Lotte Meulendijks

European Championships (Young Riders):

2016, Oliva Nova (SPA): Silver team medal, 9th individual (71,5%) and 8th (freestyle) with MDH Ohio

European Championships (Juniors):

2014, Arezzo (ITA): Silver team medal with Tom Tom Go

European Championships (Pony s):

2012, Fontainebleau (FRA): Silver team medal, 10th individual (71,2%) with Boticelli 

Dutch Championships (Young Riders):

2016 Ermelo: Bronze medal with MDH Ohio (68,079 team test and 71,675 freestyle)
2015 Ermelo: 4th place with MDH Ohio (69.421% team test and 71.725% freestyle)

Dutch Championships (Juniors):

2014 Hoofddorp: Silver medal with Tom Tom Go 

KNHS-CHIO Rotterdam Cup (Juniors):

2014  Uden: 3rd (69.27%) with MDH Ohio

KNHS-MDH Kostendrukkers Cup:

2015 Etten Leur: 5th big final Young Riders with MDH Parole
2015 Roosendaal: 3rd Young Riders (69.605%) with MDH Ohio
2015 Uden: 3rd Young Riders (69.781%) with MDH Ohio
2015 Genemuiden: 5th Young Riders (68.64%) with MDH Parole
2015 Oud Gastel: 2nd Young Riders with MDH Ohio (69,65%)

SUBLI Competition Young Horses (5yo):

2018 Jumping Amsterdam: 5th place Big Final with Hennesey
2017 Harmelen: 3rd place Semi Finals (81%) with Hennesey
2017 Oudkarspel: Winner selection (79,8%) with Hennesey 

2017 Kronenberg: Winner selection (82,4%) with Hennesey

PAVO Cup Young Horses (5yo):

2017 Ermelo: 14th place Semi Finals (83,8%) with Hennesey



CDI-Y Lamprechtshausen (AUT): 2nd place team test (68.789%) and 5th place individual test with Welt Hill

CDI-Y Roosendaal (NED): 9th place team test (69,87%) with Welt Hill

CDI-Y Compiègne (FRA): 5th place team test (68,79%), 8th place individual test (68,26%) and 9th place freestyle (70,88%) with Welt Hill


CDI-Y Nieuw en Sint Joosland (NED): 4th place individual test (70.482%) with MDH Ohio and 7th place freestyle  (71.542%) with MDH Parole


CDI-Y Roosendaal (NED): 4th place individual test (71.184%), 5th place freestyle (71.375%) with MDH Parole


CDI-J Roosendaal (NED): 4th place Team Competition with Tom Tom Go
CDI-J Nieuw en St. Joosland (NED): 2nd place freestyle with MDH Ohio


CDI-J Roosendaal (NED): 2nd place team test and 2nd place individual test and freestyle with MDH Ohio
CDIO-J Hagen (GER): 2nd place with team and 3rd place Freestyle with MDH Parole


CDI-P Addington (GBR): Winner with Botticelli 



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